Several Swedish companies are working on the electrification of boats and other marine transportation vehicles. We reported in issue 16/2018 about the electric boat, “the Tesla boat,” from Stockholm-based Candela Speed Boat.

Next are electrically powered surfboards that make it possible to glide on the water without having to rely on wind or waves. You control the speed of the board with a wireless hand control which allows you to surf in total silence.


The pioneering startup, Malmö-based Radinn, started at Lund University in 2012 and a prototype of the board was released three years later. A first commercial model, G2X was launched in January 2018 and cost SEK 90,000 ($9,650) for the customer. In August 2018, another Malmö company, Awake, launched its jet board, the Rävik. The price tag is almost SEK 200,000 ($21,400) for a lighter board with longer run time but is also about twice as expensive as Radinn's basic model. The least expensive alternative is thus 15-20 times more expensive than your regular surfboard or paddle board, and so far mostly yacht owners have equipped their boats with this new marine toy. Once the prices go down, however, with about 30 million active surfers around the world, this could become the next big thing.
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