A company in Sweden is at the forefront of technology and textile work. Smart Textiles, created by a collaborative group based in Borås, Sweden in 2006, has been working with scientists to develop cutting edge technologies that will bridge the gap between the human body and the clothes we wear. From measuring blood pressure to checking for fever, the future of fashion has never been more like science fiction. Smart Textiles, which focuses on sustainibility, durability, quality and functionality for sustainable development also recognizes the potential for the textile industry to help people maintain better health. The textile industry is about to take a giant step from being a supplier of fabrics to becoming a positive force in the development of society: with innovations that improve people’s everyday lives and benefit the industry, the health care sector and the environment. Technology can make it possible to recycle and reuse textile fibers, monitor your health or measure your movements. Smart textiles could revolutionize our lives.
For more info, see www.smarttextiles.se/en