The Hollywood produced Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opened in the U.S. on Dec. 21 and after four weeks ranked 33rd among the right now 100 highest grossing movies with close to $90 million in domestic sales.
It may end up grossing as much overseas as it has domestically, with close to 50 million in sales and thus following the trend of movies bringing in more abroad than ever before.

Lisbeth Salander the female character and girl with a dragon tattoo has come to life among fashion bloggers, magazines and the trendy… it seems a lot of people want 'to be' Lisbeth Salander.
Swedish fashion giant H&M caught on early – released a Dragon Tattoo collection just in time for the movie. A handful of critics blamed H&M for popularizing rape but the collection sold out in ten minutes in New York and LA.


More info on H&M: H&M / Hennes & (Just don't expect to find the Salander collection anywhere!)

See also our recent film of Swedish crime writers on Swedish crime fiction. Nordstjernan meets crime writers Arne Dahl and the writing duo Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström at Barnes & Noble, New York in January, 2012.
".."bad persons also have good behavior, good persons have evil behavior and that's what we try to describe in our books," said Börge Hellström. Who can argue with Arne Dahl: "The time is over when you always confused Sweden with Switzerland."