The word snus, essentially new to the English language is fast becoming a known household word in the USA. Thereís a variety of producers of snus (pronounced snews or snooose) but when it comes to the wordís as well as the productís true origins thereís little doubt where it comes from: Sweden. We Asked Elliot Eliades at Swedish Match North America in Richmond what makes Swedish snus better.

It comes in tiny, porous paper pouches, stacked inside round, palm-sized packages. Carefully chilled (the Swedish way Ė where freshness is vital), Swedish snus is ground, cured, aged and flavored tobacco thatís suckled gently in the mouth to enjoy the rush and pleasure of nicotine without smoking. The pouches are inserted under the upper lip, leaving a small visible bump thatís common among nearly a quarter of Swedish men (and quite a few Swedish women too).
Tobacco-related illnesses kill close to 500,000 people every year in the USA. That is, tobacco thatís burned, smoked and inhaled one way or another, not, in as far as has been scientifically proven so far, snus. Snus is by many researchers considered a 98% safer alternative to smoking.