The online booking service Trivago recently rated the best hotels in Sweden under the name "Trivago Awards 2018." The list is based on reviews that guests have given after staying at various facilities that have at least 20 reviews written on the page. The hotels that receive the highest ratings and most rave reviews do so because they excel at every aspect of the guest experience. A good breakfast buffet or a comfortable hotel bed won’t make it, other aspects range from the location of the property to the amenability of the staff, the value for money, and everything in between. Only 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels are evaluated. There were no major surprises among the 5-stars:

1. Upper House – Göteborg
2. Grand Hôtel Stockholm – Stockholm
3. Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant – Göteborg
4. Hotel Diplomat – Stockholm
5. Sigtuna Stadshotell – Sigtuna


The 4-stars offered a few new names:
1. PM & Vänner – Växjö
2. Hotel Rival – Stockholm
3. Nääs Fabriker Hotell & Restaurang – Tollered
4. Avalon Hotel – Göteborg
5. MJ’s – Malmö

And the 3-star hotels even more so. First among the 3-star hotels is a small hotel in the southern town Kristianstad, Annas Hotel at Fröknagården, followed by a boutique historic hotel located in an alley in Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan we hadn’t heard about before. The list:
1. Annas Hotell – Kristianstad
2. Sven Vintappare – Stockholm
3. Sankt Clemens – Visby
4. Almedalens Hotell – Visby
5. Havanna – Varberg