Because they missed the craft beer festivals back home in Seattle and Flagstaff, Americans Mark Stein and Austin Davis, who met in Stockholm, decided they would recreate their own festival and show Swedes how fun drinking beer can be.

"We started the Stockholm Brewers Festival because we wanted Stockholmers to experience more of the local community that the craftsmen scene creates," Mark Stein said in a press release.


Cited as a “passion project,” these two expats created the Stockholm Brewers Festival to bring American style beer festivals to Sweden. The first of what they hope will be many festivals takes place June 2-3 in Stockholm and is called the Katarina Kegger, named for Katarina Ölkafé, Davis's Swedish-American deli (with beer) which he opened in 2014. The first festival is held at the Orion Theatre, Orionteatern, Katarina Bangata 77 (10-12 long blocks from Skanstull).
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