The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced this year’s International Emmy Award nominations on Sept. 26, and the Swedish reality series, Allt För Sverige (The Great Swedish Adventure), is on the list. As one of 40 nominees from 15 categories in 10 categories of programs from outside the U.S., Allt För Sverige is nominated in the non-scripted entertainment category along with programs from Brazil, the UK and South Korea. The winner will be announced at a ceremony at the Hilton New York Hotel on November 21.
Season 5 of Allt För Sverige, which aired in 2015, is up for the award. Meter Television of Sveriges Television premiered the popular series in 2011; the sixth season will start airing on Sunday, October 23 in Sweden with a new cast. There is a new cast every season: Americans with Swedish heritage apply for a position on the show, which takes 10-12 finalists to Sweden for a series of elimination competitions while showcasing their journey to discover their ancestral land, roots and cultural heritage. At the end a single winner remains, winning a long hoped for reunion with Swedish relatives.

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