Santa at rest
After months of searching we were finally able to locate one of (?) Tomten's - Santa Claus's second homes.

Remember the introduction to Tomteland-Santa's Winterland in Dalarna? ('Tomteland' - Santa's Winterland in Dalarna)

Well, we werenít able to locate Santaís summer hangouts near Dalarna, and it turns out not only is his main abode at the North Pole, but he also has at least two other homes.


After we found his other Nordic residences, we were able to secure proof of how he spends the other 364 days of the year. We used to think teachers had it easy (they donít)óoff for months in the summeróbut hereís a man who works for just one day, then if he has his due diligence down, he theoretically has time off for 364 days before heís on again.

Those 24 hours are no doubt hectic: According to some projections he has to cover close to 317,000,000 miles in 32 hours (across different time zones), traveling at 1,800 miles per second (and thatís assuming he never stops)! Alas, at his home near Rovaniemi north of the Arctic Circle, we finally tracked down proof of his activities during his long time off. Photographs: Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing

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(Rovaniemi claims to be the official hometown of Santa Claus, although we of course know better. Then again, as second homes come, not a bad domicile! For more info, see