Ask people in Dalarna and you learn that Santa Claus with a capital (SC or T as in Tomten in Swedish) lives in Mora and nowhere else. Already after the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend, on 28-29 November, he opens the doors for his guests.
The first snowflakes fall over the fairytale land of Tomteland - Santa’s World and feverish activity prevails already in the main cabin. The wish lists lie in heaps, the elves are running over each other and the mischievous trolls enviously peek through the windows. But Santa is also busy trying to teach Santa power, dance around the Christmas tree, offer theater, and spend time with the trolls, the witch, the good fairy and all other friends in the fairyland.

Gesunda Mountain, Mora Dalarna
The Fairytale Santa’s Village is framed by the nature of Gesunda Mountain just outside Mora. As soon as one enters, the cold winter air becomes filled with magic and adventure. At first glance, it may seem quiet and peaceful, but not a day goes by without losing control of the trolls. Here, anything can happen - as indeed it does.
“There are many fantastic experiences for those who are eager to go straight into the fairy world and meet the elves and other living fairytale beings,” says Nicklas Lind, location manager at the Fairytale Santa’s Village.


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In Fairytale Santa’s Village trolls lurk in the forest and forest gnomes are peering from between the stumps. The witch and good fairy are playing with the younger guests and there is also the snowman Dusty and the cozy snow monster Drivan (Snowdrift), who likes hugs both small and large. Every day offers an atmospheric outdoor theater where winter fairy Sparkle and her friends look for the Christmas Star, a mysterious, cold and magical star, whose forces are needed to save the winter queen.

Anyone who is curious about what is really happening in the enchanted forest can get lessons in trollology and if you want to know more about Santa’s magic powers, you are welcome to join in learning about Santa power. Also this year Fairytale Santa’s Village presents its very fun and popular interpretation of the children’s theater Hansel and Gretel.
Santa is an extremely popular guy. Every year about 400,000 letters arrive for Santa Claus. Santa also speaks English. On January 2-3, Santa’s Village offers most of its daily programs in English.

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So ... does he or doesn't he? Live in Mora, that is. Much to our surprise and after months of travels and research, we found out he has several homes: Santa at Rest