The distinction ”this year’s best café” goes to Johan & Nyströms Konceptbutik in Stockholm. According to the restaurant guide ”White Guide,” they have an unerring feel for service, knowledge and quality. Other great cafés, according to White Guide, are: PM Bröd & Sovel in Växjö is this year’s pastry shop (”konditori” in Swedish); Drop Coffee in Stockholm is this year’s coffee bar; and, Gunnebo Kaffehus in Mölndal is the year’s most sustainable café. According to the organization, Gunnebo uses locally grown produce in their baked goods. To make the 2014 compilation, 350 cafés were tested, and of these 263 made it into the guide.

”The café business in Sweden has entered an exciting developmental phase, where quality, business knowledge and produce become more and more important, both for the baristas and the cafés, and the bakers. There’s an enormous amount of enthusiasm in this trade, which is experiencing a new spring as the interest in ’fika’ grows among those in the younger generation. Because of this, I hope the café guide becomes an important take-along companion, in the pocket or glove apartment or as an app,” says project leader Lena Ilkjćr in a press release for White Guide.


For more information:,,, and, for the full list, check Sveriges bästa Caféer (in Swedish only)