The Viking ship Havhingsten sailed off in early August from Dragør in Denmark. The crew was on course to Sweden on a mission to increase the interest in history in the people they meet on their way.
“Havhingsten fra Glendalough” is a reconstruction of a ship that was dug out in the Danish city of Roskilde in 1962. This replica was completed in 2004, and is 30 meters (98 feet) long, and about 3.8 meters (12 feet) wide. “It sails great, and it is amazing to see how good the foundation is,” says Ivan Jakobsen, who works at Vikingskibsmuseet in Roskilde. He is one of 55 men sailing to Skåne on Havhingsten (which by the way means the Sea Stallion) on Tuesday. The goal for the day is to sail to Höganäs or Båstad. During Wednesday the ship continues to some other, so far unknown, destination. On Saturday at 11 am, the crew will show up in Copenhagen. The ship will be there all of next week, to later continue to participate at a Viking Fair at the Danish Nationalmuséet, August 17-18. For more about the ship and the events at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, see: