Super year for Northern blueberries
The blueberry season, which was predicted to be so promising in the beginning of the summer, has now arrived and is promising indeed. In Svealand and Norrland there are more blueberries than in many years, but go south to Skåne and you find almost none. “Compared to the last ten years, this is a great year,” says Göran Kempe at Sveriges lantbrukaruniversitet (SLU or the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). The blueberries have thrived in spite of the cold that came in March and April. The sprigs were protected under a blanket of snow.” Along the coast of Norrland, which saw warm temperatures in May, there’s been an abundance of the berries.
“Blåbär”, their name in Swedish, are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fibers. There are blueberry sprigs in 60% of all Swedish forests.

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