Top 5 reasons to visit Gothenburg
Fresh shrimp, Volvo, people or sailing.. Four travelers reveal why Sweden's second largest city is worth the visit.

Ulf Anvin, Honorary Consul General of Sweden:
1. Fresh shrimp!
2. To buy a new Volvo
3. Humor and good stories. People from Gothenburg have a special kind of humor.
4. Beautiful archipelago
5. Good sports teams


Mia Bergman, President of Swedish American Chamber of Commerce Chicago:
1. Archipelago
2. Liseberg
3. Summers on the west coast
4. Happy and friendly people with a hilarious accent
5. Gourmet food

Joan Asplund, Four-time visitor:
1. Upper house
2. Visit relatives
3. Wonderful sailing opportunities
4. Liseberg
5. The waterfront is fascinating

Daniel Abercrombie, Married to Swedish born Karin:
1. To meet my wife’s parents
2. The tours of the canal
3. It’s near the coast
4. Great restaurants
5. Liseberg

The 25th anniversary of the Chicago-Gothenburg Sister Cities companionship recently brought supporters and friends together for a celebration: Chicago and Gothenburg Celebrates 25 years of friendship