1. Falu Rödfärg and its magnificent history. That red color belongs to the landscape of Sweden. It marries so well with the dark green forests that cover Scandinavia. Falu Rödfärg makes the whole nation beautiful. Those few who paint their homes pink or light blue just don't get it.

2. All "Hälsingegårdar" (farms in the region hälsingland) with their beautiful form and color, the colorful churches (read Albertus Pictor in Uppland) and the colorful folk dresses from all provinces of Scandinavia (some Norwegian clothes are stunning, too) remind and teach us that form and color give us so much—and have done so for so long.


3. Haga Castle in Stockholm has taught refinement, finess and elegance.

4. Ellen Key, Karin Larsson, Astrid Sampe, Signe Persson Melin and Lena Larsson are all examples of women who, together and decade by decade, have formed the Scandinavian lifestyle and home. Without them we would not have this relatively democratic, easy-going way of life in the Scandinavian countries. They had ideals, goals and objectives that they transformed into items of everyday life.

5. Our Scandinavian sense of honesty and decency has been so prevalent that I hope we will not lose it. Scandinavians are proud when doing a good job and like to disclose that. Bruno Mathsson and his Pernilla Chair is one good example of that when he stripped away all fabric and filling and only had the webbing left.

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