1. La Esquina
La Esquina is a hidden Mexican secret. You'll find yourself in front of what may look like an old diner, “The corner”. After entering, look for a lady in front of a door marked "employees only". She will check if you have a reservation, sometimes you can manage without reservation. Next step is to climb down a steep stairway to the basement, walk through the actual kitchen to wait at the bar until your table is ready. Delicious Mexican food at a good price.
106 Kenmare St, Soho.

2. Please Don´t Tell.
PDT (short for Please Don’t Tell) is a cool little speakeasy, accessed through the fully functional hot dog shop Crif Dogs. You get in by going into a mystery phone booth where you're instructed to dial a number. If you’re lucky the wall of the phone booth opens to let you into a small bar. Make a reservation if you want to be sure to get in. Once inside, you can’t help the feeling of doing something illegal in the dimly lit space while enjoying pricey cocktails or hot dogs from next door.
113 St. Marks Place, East Village.

3. The blind barber
Walk in to a classic-looking, still operating barber shop and beyond a sliding back door is... eureka, the bar!
 The Blind Barber appears to be just that, a hair saloon. But upon closer inspection, it is a speakeasy cocktail lounge by night. However, before 9pm, anyone's welcome to a $40 haircut, which includes a drink from the bar. Good crowd and great atmosphere.
339 E 10th St, East Village.


4 The Mullberry project
A hidden basement lounge that opened up last year. Sometimes it can be tricky to pass the huge doorman, so if you’re not good at sweet-talking your way in, arrive before he shows up at 10 p.m.. Here can you choose from a daily-changing menu of fresh ingredients and a bartender will throw together a personalized cocktail to your tastes.
149 Mulberry St, Little Italy.

5. Le Baron
The well-known nightlife locale of Paris and Tokyo, opened up its doors during Fashion week in February. The new exclusive club is a three-story house party, including exotic dancers and unmarked, unlocked mysterious doors for the adventurous to explore. It’s hard to get in, and the doorman, often dressed as a huge rabbit, is hard to get around.
32 Mulberry Street, China Town.