... two auspicious occasions. First, on Sweden’s National Day this year, we celebrate the 500th anniversary (quincentennial) of Gustav Vasa establishing the modern hereditary monarchy of Sweden. Second, today’s King, Carl XVI Gustaf, will celebrate on September 15 his Golden Jubilee of 50 years reigning as Sweden’s monarch. We wish him, his whole family and heirs-apparent, our fondest good wishes for a long life continuing to represent the best, not only in Sweden but for the social achievements of its government and people, and for the example which they provide for the world.

June 6, 2023
It is exactly 500 years today since Gustav Vasa was elected king of Sweden, which became independent after being part of the Kalmar Union from 1397-1523. The election took place in Roggeborgen in Strängnäs, where the 500th anniversary is celebrated. Currently, Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia begin this year's National Day celebrations there. Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, Speaker Andreas Norlén and Södermanland's Governor Beatrice Ask are also participating. June 6 was given the status of National Day in 1983. The National Day celebration on June 6 commemorates two things—Gustav Vasa became king in 1523 and the 1809 government declaration was ratified on the same date.