More people choose a digital doctor
During the corona pandemic, many more Swedes chose to talk to a doctor via a digital meeting, according to Swedish radio. By May, 800,000 visits had been made to the country's private digital care providers, which can be compared with 1.1 million visits during the entire last year. Between February and March, the number of digital visits rose the most, from 135,000 to 210,000. Soaring bicycle sales During the spring, Swedish sales of bicycles skyrocketed, according to several retailers. "We saw a very steep curve at about the same time as Anders Tegnell talked about the steep infection curve in March," Jonas Holtbo, marketing manager at the sports chain Sportson, told Swedish television. According to Holtbo, the company's sales have increased by 30%, compared with last spring. The electric bicycle is a big part of the increase. Meanwhile Swedish sports retailer XXL has had a 60% increase in mountain bikes. Many of the buyers state that they would rather use a bicycle than public transportation.

Swedish police are saving millions on the crisis
The work of the police during the spring has looked different due to the corona crisis. Canceled football matches, concerts and other events have meant that the police have saved millions of kronor, especially in the big cities.

27 new deaths reported on July 15
The decline in the number of infected as well as deaths from covid-19 continues according to the Swedish Public Health Agency. 27 deaths from covid-19 were registered in Sweden during the past 24 hours. The total death toll in the country is 5,572 people, according to the agency. The total number of confirmed infections is 76,492 people, 491 more than on Tuesday. Two new ICU cases have been registered since yesterday.

Decline for the fashion industry
The pandemic hits the Swedish fashion trade hard. In June, clothing sales decreased by almost 20 percent in physical stores and e-commerce, compared with June last year. Shoe sales plummeted by more than 30%, according to Stilindex from Svensk Handel Stil.