Denmark and Norway open up
Norway's middle- and high schools open again May 11, reports Norwegian radio. Most of the country's institutions will open from mid-June as long as the situation is under control, states Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Also Denmark have announced that on May 11 all retail and shopping centers will reopen, and from May 18, restaurants, cafes, middle- and high schools will be reopened, as will churches and libraries. However, the ban on public gatherings of more than ten people still applies.

Löfven wants to appoint a corona commission
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven wants to appoint a commission to review events and decisions during the corona crisis. Parliamentary parties should have influence over how they work. According to Löfven, the Commission must review the course of events, the decisions taken by authorities and politicians and how the Swedish management model works in such a situation.

"Anti-fraud Czar" against abuse of support
The government appoints a special investigator to review all support measures in the corona crisis to detect abuse so that this can be addressed, was announced by Sweden’s Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson. The investigator will be Stefan Strömberg, former chief of police.

Regions no longer lacking protective equipment
The lack of protective equipment is no longer as acute as before, partly because the National Board of Health has provided municipalities and regions. This is evident from reports from the regions to the Government. At the same time, the problems of infection spread and lack of material in elderly care continue to be large, and the infection is now found in all Swedish provinces.

Over 3,000 dead from covid-19 in Sweden
More than 3,000 people have died as a result of corona in Sweden. After 99 new deaths had been registered on May 7 the total death toll in the country is 3,040. 1,645 people receive or have received intensive care as a result of covid-19. 24,623 people have been confirmed to be infected with the virus. "An increasing proportion of the cases we find come from healthcare professionals as we begin to test more," says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.