Swedish News, April 29: 107 new deaths - a total of 2,462 dead in Sweden
Another 107 deaths from covid-19 have been registered in Sweden over the past 24 hours. The total death toll in the country is now 2,462. A total of 1,443 people in Sweden receive or have received intensive care. The new figures also show that at least a total of 20,302 have been confirmed to be infected by the corona virus in Sweden. The pressure on health care remains high according to the Public Health Agency.

Pregnant women should be extra careful
Pregnant women should not be exposed to the risk of being infected by covid-19, especially not towards the end of pregnancy and before the birth, the Public Health Agency writes in today’s press release. Pregnant women in general do not appear to be at higher risk than others of suffering from severe illness associated with covid-19. But some cases where pregnant women with covid-19 have had to be cared for at IVA have been reported in Sweden.

Additional government aid to businesses delayed
Riksdagen's, the Swedish parliament's Finance Committee held an extra meeting on new aid for crisis-hit companies today, but the committee decided to postpone a decision on additional aid. A majority of the committee voted to postpone the issue until next week when Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson will attend the meeting.

Volvo Cars notifies 1,300 employees
Volvo Cars notifies 1,300 employees in Sweden of lay offs. In addition, the company will reduce the number of consultants by around 300. The planned layoffs only affect the Swedish organization in Gothenburg and Skövde and no employees in production are affected. According to CEO Håkan Samuelsson, the layoffs are due to the corona epidemic, but also on major changes in the car industry.