Swedish News, April 26: Most social distancing in Stockholm
Swedes have changed their social behavior during the corona crisis, according to an opinion poll from Novus. 93 percent say that they have reduced the number of physical meetings with others. As many as 69% say that the number of meetings has decreased greatly. The trend is strongest in Stockholm, where 80% say that they have greatly reduced the number of physical meetings. Older people have reduced their meetings more than younger people, but even in the youngest age group (18-29 years), 56% have reduced the number of meetings a lot.

Five Stockholm restaurants risk closing
Five restaurants in Stockholm risk temporary closure because they did not comply with the new rules on social distancing, according to Stockholm City Environmental Office. The case is now being forwarded to Smittskydd Stockholm (Infection Protection), where an infection protection physician will make the final decision on closure or not.

Two new deaths in Sweden - a total of 2,194 dead as of April 26
Two more deaths from corona virus have been registered in Sweden over the past 24 hours, the Public Health Agency reports on Sunday. The total death toll in the country is now 2,194. As always on weekends, the figures will increase as less is reported during the weekends according to the authority. 1,315 corona-infected persons receive or have received intensive care in Sweden.