40 new deaths - a total of 2,192 deceased
Another 40 deaths due to corona have been registered in Sweden over the past 24 hours. The total death toll in the country is now 2,192 the Public Health Authority said during Saturday’s press conference. Of the deceased, 956 are women and 1,236 men. Most of the deceased (869) are in the age group 80-89 years. 1,280 people receive or have received intensive care as a result of corona in Sweden. Of these, 333 are women and 947 are men.

Most social distancing in Stockholm
Swedes have changed their social behavior during the corona crisis, according to an opinion poll from Novus. 93 percent say that they have reduced the number of physical meetings with others. As many as 69% say that the number of meetings has decreased greatly. The trend is strongest in Stockholm, where 80% say that they have greatly reduced the number of physical meetings. Older people have reduced their meetings more than younger people, but even in the youngest age group (18-29 years), 56% have reduced the number of meetings a lot.

More support for Swedish companies
The Swedish parliament’s (Riksdagen) Finance Committee has been called to an extra meeting next week to discuss more direct support to Swedish companies.

UN in acute shortage of money
The UN is now sounding alarm signals that member states are holding back their payments due to their own economic crises as a result of the corona pandemic. The lack of money risks exacerbating the situation in the world as the aid agency's assistance to vulnerable countries is lacking, says EU UN Ambassador Olof Skoog to Ekot.

Norway's economy hard hit
The recent fall in crude oil prices has hit the Norwegian economy hard, while at the same time the country is largely paralyzed by measures to curb the corona virus. The price for oil this week was below $16 per barrel, which can be compared to over $70 earlier this year. The oil price must be $40 per barrel for it to be profitable, according to economists at a Norwegian bank.