Swedish News, April 22: 172 new deaths - 1,937 total
172 new deaths due to covid-19 have been reported in Sweden over the past 24 hours. In total, the number of deceased persons is now at 1,937 in the country. A total of 16,004 have been infected according to the most recent numbers from the Public Health Authority. “The curve has plateaued, in essence since the beginning of April. This is good news, even though Stockholm continue to be under a lot of pressure,” said state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell during the daily press conference. 536 people in Sweden receive intensive care at present.

Gas prices in Sweden at their lowest since 2009
Gasoline prices fell sharply in Sweden today. The price of a liter of gasoline has not been so low since 2009, according to Swedish newspapers. The leading fuel companies in Sweden, Circle K and OKQ8 lowered the price for regular (95-octane gas) by 35 öre and it’s now at SEK 12.28 for a liter which converts to approximately $4.50 per gallon (The average price in the U.S. northeast is now just under $2). The corona pandemic has put the oil industry in a difficult situation due to reduced demand. The oil markets are shaken by historically low prices and the Opec countries are in crisis meetings.

Grocery sales remain high
Grocery stores increased sales by 12.8 percent in March compared with the previous year. The biggest increase was in rice, pasta, canned food, toilet paper and soap. Toilet paper sales increased by as much as 71 percent and rice by 88 percent. As we reported yesterday the hoarding is over in Sweden but sales remain high.