185 new deaths - 1,765 total deaths
A further 185 deaths from corona have been reported in Sweden over the past 24 hours bringing the total to 1,765 deaths. There has been a lag in reporting after the weekend. 1,158 people receive or have received intensive care in Sweden. Most new cases of covid-19 in Stockholm occurred on April 15, according to calculations by the Public Health Authority. On May 1, a third of Stockholm residents are estimated to be or have been infected.

The hoarding is over in Sweden
In mid-March, the headlines in Sweden were all about bunkering down and hoarding. Shelves in many of the country's grocery stores were empty of pasta, yeast and toilet paper. But a month later, the order is largely restored, according to several of the larger grocery chains. However, sales remain high.

Society education for asylum seekers
A first step is now taken towards introducing compulsory social introduction for asylum seekers. "It becomes mandatory for everyone and you cannot opt out," says the Liberal Party leader Nyamko Sabuni. The Government with the Center party and the Liberals have agreed to give the Swedish Migration Board the task of developing details for the introduction. "The asylum seekers will receive education about life in Sweden, about education, laws, democracy, norms and values," says Sabuni. The Migration Board will have until August 3 to submit a proposal.

Healthcare personnel receive antibody tests
Elderly homes and home service in Stockholm have started testing the staff to see if they have antibodies to covid-19 according to Swedish TV. A drop of blood is enough to give you a response in ten minutes. So far, 2,000 employees have been tested. A third have developed antibodies, which means they can still be contagious. Researchers in Uppsala call the test "relatively accurate. The Public Health Authority is more cautious and calls for more research.