106 new deaths - a total of 793 deceased
Another 106 deaths from covid-19 have been reported in Sweden over the past 24 hours. The total death toll in Sweden is now 793. State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell reiterated the recommendation that people over 70 should stay at home altogether at today’s press conference. About 471 people are in intensive care in Sweden.

Swedish antibody testing may begin shortly
Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology has in a short time developed a test for antibodies that can start being tested on hospital staff as early as next week. Analyzing blood will make it possible to see if the test subjects have developed antibodies to the corona virus, which means that they are probably immune. Researchers expect to be able to do 7,000 tests per week in April.

Chinese antibody study raises concern
Chinese researchers who examined covid-19 patients with mild symptoms found that many had unexpectedly low counts of antibodies in the blood. The study raises concerns that it may be more difficult to achieve population immunity. According to the researchers, the study, which has not undergone peer review and included 175 participants, is the first to investigate the issue systematically.

Restaurants under sharper control
Restaurants that violate the rules regarding for instance congestion may be closed, as authorities this weekend begin to control restaurant operations according to state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

Increased caution due to the corona crisis
98 percent of the population has changed their behavior to avoid the spread of infection, according to an opinion poll by Kantar Sifo for the Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Contingency (MSB). Eighty-five percent say they wash their hands more often or more accurately and 56-57 percent have avoided places with many people or cut down on social activities outside of their home.s The survey also shows increased caution in the first week of April compared to the last week of March. Fewer travel, shop in physical stores and invite people home.

Two million masks for the healthcare system
The hygiene company Essity, which currently manufactures diapers and napkins, can deliver two million protective masks to the healthcare system. The first million is donated by the company according to the CEO Magnus Groth. The company can deliver 3 million masks per month.

Zlatan trains with Hammarby
Hammarby IF has a new participant at training sessions. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is training with the team according to the newspaper Expressen. Ibrahimovic still belongs to the Italian Milan team but is rumored to be moving from the club. The 38-year-old Swedish international soccer player is also a part owner of Hammarby since last year.

WTO warns of deep recession
The World Trade Organization warns that world trade could fall by up to a third this year due to the corona pandemic. In a forecast, the WTO estimates that the reduction could land between 13 and 32 percent. Director-General Roberto Azevedo warns of "the deepest economic recession of our lifetime." The service sector, which is not included in the forecast, risks being worst hit. According to the WTO, it is important that markets are kept open and predictable, and countries that cooperate will do better. (Reuters)

Half a billion is threatened by poverty
The Corona crisis could force 500 million people into poverty, Oxfam warns. In order not to loose decades of effective poverty reduction, Oxfam wants to see powerful measures from the world's richest countries, including debt cancellation of $1 billion. Around 3.4 billion people are already living on less than the equivalent of $5 a day, according to the World Bank. If another 6-8 percent of the world's population is forced into poverty, it means that over half the world's population can be classified as poor.