New COVID-19 deaths in Sweden
A total of 477 people in Sweden have died after being infected by COVID-19. There are 76 more deaths from the corona virus since yesterday, April 5, according to the Public Health Authority. According to the Swedish Intensive Care Register, nearly 430 people infected by the corona virus receive intensive care. “The black line with IVA cases is at a constant level. A total of 590 have been cared for so far, far from all of them remaining," says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. So far, 7,206 people in Sweden have been confirmed to be infected by the coronavirus.

The elderly are the biggest concern
The biggest concern right now is that the infection has reached so many elderly homes, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. "It is a major concern and a main reason for the increasing death toll we are seeing in Sweden today. When I talk to my Nordic colleagues they say they do not have the same problem.”

Record-high rise in unemployment
Unemployment is now rising at the highest rate in several decades and is higher than during the 2008 financial crisis. Last week 25,350 people registered as unemployed at the Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden’s employment services. Those who are now unemployed are primarily temporary employees in the hotel and restaurant industry, but the travel industry and merchants have also been hard hit. Since March 1 more than 49,500 people have been furloughed.

Subway only for essential jobs
Stockholm Local Transport, SL, urges travelers to skip the subway if they do not have an essential job. One of their ads says: “Welcome aboard - you who have an important social function. We ask all of you others not to travel with us right now.” What is considered an important social function, however, has not been established.

No expulsions from Sweden
Travel bans and closed borders in the wake of the corona pandemic mean almost no deportations can be implemented from Sweden at the moment. The police have started to release people who are in custody because the situation is so unclear.

No increase in the price of sanitizer for Swedish consumers
The state, municipalities and regions have seen extremely high prices for hand sanitizer and other hygiene products from suppliers. But regular pharmacies will not raise prices, according to a survey conducted by Swedish TV.

IMF: Worse than the 2008 financial crisis
The corona pandemic has caused a global recession that will be "much worse" than the 2008 financial crisis. "This is the darkest moment of humanity in my lifetime," says Kristalina Georgieva, chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund. On March 23, Georgieva predicted the coronavirus crisis traces would appear to be in line with the financial crisis. Almost two weeks later the situation has become even darker. Despite the fact that national central banks and governments have taken enormous measures, much more is needed, she believes.

Support for children without school
The Swedish aid authority Sida redistributes the equivalent of just over SEK 2.5 billion in support of children affected by the closure of schools due to the coronavirus. According to the UN education body Unesco, more than 1.5 billion children are affected in 185 countries. Sida's Director General Carin Jämtin points out schooling means much more than just teaching. "They also need to get nutritious food, feel safe and be able to access vital information on how to take care of their hygiene," she writes in a press release.

More people buy electronics in Sweden
Sales of home electronics increased two percent in March, compared with the same month last year. Sales of desktops increased 36 percent, while laptops increased 12 percent, shows statistics from the electronics industry.