Completed field hospital in Älvsjö
The new field hospital at the Stockholm fair center in Älvsjö is completed, according to Region Stockholm's website. At the end of the week, the temporary hospital will receive its first COVID-19 patients, several days ahead of schedule.

More dead from the virus
In Sweden, 239 people have died from the corona virus, an increase of 59 people in one day, according to the Public Health Authority; but there is a large backlog complicating the number of deaths. In the last 24 hours there have been about 500 new cases and a total of 4,947 people have been confirmed infected. 393 are cared for or have been cared for in intensive care.

Most of the deceased over 70
Of the people who died of COVID-19 through March 31, 75 were women and 105 men. Most of the them—75—are in the age group 80-90 years, while 42 were 70-79 years old. The third largest group with 41 people, was age 90 or older when they died as a result of COVID-19. This means that among the deceased so far, 88 percent have been 70 or older.

New guidelines to reduce infection
The Public Health Authority issues new guidelines to reduce the risk of infection in everyday life. It's about parties, holidays, business, hassle-free public transport and safe working environment. ”To follow the guidelines and prevent the spread of infection is an obligation. The guidelines are not voluntary,” says Director General of Folkhälsomyndigheten Johan Carlson. There are no sanctions against those who violate the rules, however.

Many households have small buffers
One in five Swedish households will be able to financially bridge a maximum of three months in the event of unemployment, and one in 10 completely lacks a savings buffer, according to a recent study.

Physicians and nurses in intensive care
Three doctors and two nurses are in intensive care in a hospital in Stockholm after being infected with COVID-19. “These are people who are otherwise healthy,” says Clara Strömberg, chair of the medical association at Södersjukhuset to Dagens Nyheter, adding that one of them should be on the road to improvement. It is still unclear how they were infected.

Ski resorts to close before Easter
Skistar will close its ski resorts in Vemdalen, Sälen and Åre starting April 6. Idre Fjäll announced they will close April 5. This means Sweden's most popular skiing destination will be closed over Easter. Stockholmers have already been discouraged from traveling to the mountains during the long holiday weekend.