'The situation is fairly stable'
State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell believes that the situation in the country right now is fairly stable (“rätt stabil”), as he phrased it at the National Health Authority's press conference today, March 25. "We see a spread of infection throughout the country but quite limited, we have a fairly stable situation.” A total of 42 people have died as a result of the corona virus in Sweden, according to Tegnell. 2,510 have been confirmed infected out of a total of 24,000 people tested. Of the 400,000 cases confirmed in the world, more than half are now in Europe.

160 patients in intensive care
Nearly 160 patients infected by the new corona virus are or have been cared for in intensive care, according to today's figures from the Swedish Intensive Care Register (SVR). In total, there are 157 patients, on Monday the number of patients was 103. Nearly 76 percent of those receiving or receiving intensive care belong to a risk group, high age and / or an underlying disease. To date, the youngest infected and cared for in an IC unit in Sweden is 21 and the oldest 86. The median age is 64.

Healthcare professionals can now test themselves
It is now possible for healthcare professionals to carry out testing on their own to see if they are corona infected according to state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. Health care workers will know if they can continue to work, which in turn enables hospitals to stay on top of the staffing situation.

Thousands of posters about corona
The City of Stockholm is launching a broad information campaign. Over 6,000 posters in different languages will be put up was reported today in Dagens Nyheter. The campaign is kicked off after seeing an overrepresentation of residents from specific Stockholm districts, for instance Spånga and Kista, among those cared for in hospitals.

Increased support for Social Democrats
Politically, the Social Democrats are fairing well during the corona crisis. The party's support has increased by 2.4 percentage points compared to a month ago. The support for the party is now 25.6 percent. Support for the Sweden Democrats and the Left has dropped. More people feel safe with Stefan Löfven's leadership.

Increased alcohol sales
Sales of alcohol and the number of customers at Systembolaget have increased throughout the country since the beginning of the corona crisis. People may be drinking more or it may be due to the closed border trade or that more people are hoarding to have sufficient quantities during quarantine times.

Housing burglaries drastically down
Reports of home burglaries are half of what they used to be over the past two weeks. The trend is visible at the national level and is largest in the Greater Stockholm area, reports Swedish radio.