One death in Sweden today
A total of 1,931 people have been diagnosed with the corona virus in Sweden. Of these, 21 have died, one, an 80-year-old man with preexisting conditions in Sweden's southern region Skåne has died today (6 p.m. local time, March 22). The number of infected by the corona virus is highest in the Stockholm region.

Field hospital being built in Stockholm
A field hospital will be erected at the Stockholm fair in Älvsjö in southern Stockholm. It is a complete hospital with up to 30 intensive care facilities, according to Region Stockholm. The construction, which started during the day (March 22), is done in collaboration with the Swedish Armed Forces.

Self test online in Stockholm
It’s only in Swedish and its purpose? … to ease people’s mind and have patients with minor symptoms stay home, stay isolated and do the right things on their own. A simple self test was created by Region Stockholm already last week: The website, which so far is only available in Swedish, also stresses that you should seek medical assistance if you show serious symptoms.

The proportion of younger people will decline
Half of those receiving intensive care for covid-19 in Sweden have so far been under 65. However, according to experts, the proportion of younger people receiving intensive care will begin to decline. The first wave of patients in intensive care were probably from mainly younger age groups that were infected early after skiing in the Alps - groups that in turn infected others in the same age group.

Swedish Supreme Court justices work remotely
The Supreme Court (Högsta Domstolen, HD) is adjusting how members work to make sure that the four system doesn’t collapse. Among other things, some justices are allowed to work remotely and the court has begun to prioritize most important cases.

Heyday for grocery stores, food services
Several business sectors are showing losses as a result of the corona crisis. But one sector that is growing is food trade, grocery stores and home deliveries of food. However, it is difficult to keep up with the demand for food items and services. "It's like the day before Christmas Eve, but every day and all of the time," Tarik Belqaid, press secretary at grocery chain Coop, recently said on Swedish TV. Also, some e-commerce companies specializing in home deliveries report an almost tripling of customers compared to the same period last year.