KD over 10 percent in recent poll
Support for the Christian Democrats continues to increase in Sweden. In a poll by SVT/Novus in March, 10.6% state that they would vote for KD if elections were to be held today, compared with 8.6% in February. Most of the new voters come from the Sweden Democrats, but also from the Social Democrats and the Moderates, according to SVT News. The Christian Democrats now also attract right-leaning voters who are not necessarily religious or affiliated with the church.

Swedish condemnation of Sharia law
Brunei's introduction of strict Sharia law and the death penalty has met with strong international reactions including from Sweden. "The death penalty is an inhuman, cruel and irreversible punishment that has no place in a modern legal society. The EU is actively working for the global abolition of the death penalty. Sweden urges Brunei to withdraw the decision,” says Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallström.

Easier to choose content in your Swedish pension fund
It will be easier for Swedish tax payers to opt out of companies that invest in, for example, weapons, tobacco, games or fossil fuels in the pension fund. The Swedish pension authority is changing the options at its fund selection site. A filter enables a sorting of unwanted business categories, according reports Swedish News agency TT.

No-shows in parliament may lose wages in the future
Several parties want to put an end to the fact that Swedish MPs can continue to receive their salary even though they do not come to the Riksdag, reports Swedish Radio.

Results from the most recent poll in Sweden:
The Left 9,7 (+0.6) (Vänsterpartiet) Social Democrats 27,2 (-1.0) (Socialdemokraterna) The Green 3,5 (-0.5) (Miljöpartiet) Center party 8,2 (+0.9) (Centerpartiet) The Liberals 3,7 (+0.2) (Liberalerna) Moderates 17,5 (-0.8) (Moderaterna) Christian Democrats 10,6 (+2.0) (Kristdemokraterna) Sweden Democrats 18,1 (-1.2) (Sverigedemokraterna) Other: 1,5 (-0.2) Source: SVT/Novus