Forest fire danger
The combination of little rain and warm temperatures has given the forest fire season a head start in Sweden. In fact, open fires have been banned in most of Sweden as well as parts of Norway, Denmark and Germany since early June. Swedish authorities evacuated dozens of people in different areas as forest fires raged in southeastern Sweden. Various fire departments, army personnel and helicopters have been busy extinguishing fires in the "very dry" countryside. In some places, disposable grills were found in camping sites, prompting arrests and the total fire ban - even in designated grill and fire areas.

Guilty of terrorism
On April 7, 2017, Rakhmat Akilov stole a truck and drove it at high speed along Drottninggatan in Stockholm. Akilov, 40 (who left Uzbekistan and was denied residency in Sweden in 2016 and was a known IS sympathizer), was sentenced on June 7, 2018, guilty of a terrorist act for the killings of five people, injuring 10 more and 119 counts of attempted murder for the others who were at the scene. He will serve a life sentence in Sweden.

The world's first climate positive burger
Known until recently as Max Hamburgers, Swedish burger chain Max Burgers is making changes to its menu as well as its name. After tedious calculations of its overall impact on the climate, Max has promised to minimize emissions by 110 percent. The sons of the 50-year-old burger chain's founder Curt Bergfors are working to minimize the emissions of their 130 restaurants (currently in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and the United Arab Emirates) by compensating with various carbon offsetting initiatives: wind power, recycling frying oil, offering more vegan options with less impact on the environment and absorbing an additional 10 percent through more tree-planting initiatives. In effect, each time a Max customer takes a bite of a burger, they are reducing greenhouse gases. For more info, see or