Next Generation Sequencing
New technology out of Sahlgrenska University in Göteborg traces genetic sequences of common diseases, and wait times for diagnoses have dropped dramatically. Through Next Generation Sequencing, patients are now able to have their conditions treated on a genetically specific basis, rather than a one-size-fits-all treatment plan. This means patients with diseases like cancer can avoid long wait times and often bypass the traditional rounds of chemotherapy that aren’t always necessary.

Smart tips to prevent eye strain
LED technology is supposed to produce cleaner and clearer lighting, but researchers at Lund University have found as much as 20-40 percent of the population experiences eye-strain and fatigue from the flickers found in LED lighting. Since there is no regulation that requires manufacturers to reveal the amount of flicker their bulbs contain, Swedes have come up with the special test, the I Plus, to measure how much the lights flicker. But there are also tricks consumers can use to detect potential problems prior to purchase, one of which is on your smartphone: aim your mobile camera toward the lamp, if you can see a border pattern in the lamp's flicker, know that the blacker the stripes the more flicker, which could be a warning for eye strain; and "if there are sharp clear stripes, you should definitely not buy the lamp," says Hillevi Hempälä from the Lund research team.