Sweden reacts to halt to international abortion aid
Test flights for first ambulance drone (Health) The Center for Cardiac Research at Karolinska Institute have conducted test flights for the world’s first ambulance drone. Other than reporting that the tests look promising, the actual results are held secret. The drone, containing a defibrillator, is being tested for efficiency in speed and is envisioned as a complement to ambulance services. Researchers hope to have the drone ready for continuous use within two years.

Researchers fight obesity
(National) Swedish doctors and scientists are asking the government for action against the growing obesity epidemic by petitioning for a soda tax and better meals at school. Erik Hemmingsson, researcher and founder of the Obesity Initiative, believes gaining a greater understanding of obesity and creating requirements for better health will be a great savings for society in preventing disease. Having worked in the field for the last 20 years, Hemmingsson has been a driving force to petition the government for action.

(World) The Swedish government has sounded an alarm to defend abortion and contraceptive rights after the U.S. President ordered a halt to international aid to those countries which support abortion aid. International Development Minister Isabella Lövin wants to meet with Swedish political parties to establish a consensus to limit the effect of the U.S. government's withdrawal from international reproductive rights. "This is very serious, and we have to defend the gains that have been made, both in the UN and within the EU,” said Isabella Lövin to Swedish Radio.

Swedish reporter on trial
(World) Journalist Fredrik Önnevall is going to trial on charges of human smuggling after having helped a Syrian boy enter Sweden. Önnevall admits to bringing the 15-year-old boy to Sweden but says he did so under humanitarian grounds. The journalist explains that the boy, as an asylum seeker, would have made his way to Sweden via dangerous routes which could have jeopardized his life.