Thirteen year wait for housing
More than 556,000 people are on the waiting list for first-hand housing leases in Stockholm. The average wait for housing in Sweden’s capital has grown to 13.5 years, and 9.1 years for housing in Stockholm county. These figures reflect an increase of 40,000 people waiting for first-hand leases which is seven times the number reported 15 years ago, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

Memorial to honor Swedish tsunami victims
In 2004, 543 Swedes were lost to the tsunami which claimed over a quarter of a million lives in Asia. A request for designs for a tribute to honor the Swedish victims was made public, and five finalists have been selected to be presented anonymously to media for general feedback and considered by a jury in March. The jury for final selection will include individuals from the Swedish art community and two women who lost their loved ones in the tsunami.

Introducing the new Princess Semla
What happens when you take two of the most beloved desserts in Sweden and combine them? The new Princess Semla, created by chef Markus Ekelund, combines the Princess cake with the traditional semla pastry. The semla bun, coated in green marzipan with raspberry jam, has been hailed as a hit if the number of likes and comments on Facebook can attest to its popularity.

Police effectiveness continues to fall
New figures from the Swedish police show that completed investigations fell by 10 percent in 2016. With the effectiveness of the police department under intense scrutiny in the last several months, the government granted an increase in budget and personnel. Interior Minister Anders Ygeman is displeased with the reverse trend despite the additional support, and now fingers are pointing at Police Chief Dan Eliasson. National Operations for the police believe the numbers must be held in context due to the increase in crime.

You don’t have to be 20 to be a model
Eva Hedlund, 95, and Barbro Edéus, 94, are two of photographer Victor Falk’s newest models. In an organized photo shoot at a retirement home outside Onsala, the mission of the shoot is to show that you don’t have to be 20 to be beautiful. Hedland and Edéus allowed themselves to be photographed for portraits which are now on exhibit at Kungsbacka Culture House. The ladies had a lot of fun and say their photographs went well beyond their expectations.