Chance of auroras on New Year's Eve
(Holiday) Mid- and northern Sweden should have clear skies and cold temperatures on Dec. 31 — perfect for viewing fireworks with an increased opportunity to view mother nature’s own auroras. Unfortunately, for those in the south of Sweden, umbrellas and rain jackets may be in order as rain, wind and cloudy skies will make firework viewing more challenging.

Whistleblower protection law enforced January 1
(National) A new law aimed at protecting private-sector whistleblowers will go into effect in Sweden on January 1, 2017. Norway has a similar law which reports positive results but not everyone is positive about the law in Sweden, where there are concerns that issues which are neither illegal nor in breach of company policy may be unnecessarily reported.

2017 economic projection
(Economy) The Swedish economy has reached its peak, said Claes Mĺhlén, of Handelsbanken, who believes the economy will slow in 2017 but remain strong with slightly higher interest rates. Political turmoil may lead to volatility with elections coming up in France and Germany. Trump and Trumponomics are also believed to have potentially negative effects on the Swedish economy.

Husby shops close in protest
(Stockholm) Husby shopkeepers are closing their stores in protest over deep concerns that police have abandoned them. The Stockholm suburb was the site of violent unrest and riots during the spring of 2013 and has since then been riddled with crime. The shopkeepers' association tells Swedish Radio they have “had enough.” Police said they have had to de-prioritize the neighborhood due to lack of resources but state the problem can not be solved simply with additional police re-enforcement.

Firework attacks sweep through western Sweden
(Western Sweden) A wave of firework attacks aimed at residential homes, people and public transport has swept through western Sweden during the nights prior the new year. Several cities and towns have experienced vandalism and car fires. Gangs and youth have thrown firecrackers and set off rockets, and police report extreme activity in greater Gothenburg. A total of 179 events were reported in the region.