New center for biological diversity opens
(Environment) A new center for determining endangered species and how to best save them will soon open in Gothenburg. The Center for Biological Diversity hopes to break the trend where a number of land and water species are at risk for extinction due to climate change. The center is a collaboration among 13 institutions including the University of Gothenburg, the Botanical Gardens, the Maritime Museum, and Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum among others.

Swedes forced to Finland for maternity care
(National) Staff shortages in Swedish hospitals have forced three families in Uppland to seek maternity care in Finland. According to SVT, in December the consequences of declining health care has reached new levels; despite the numbers of highly educated professionals seeking work in Sweden in the health care field, there remain many problems with lack of staff and issues in recruiting health care workers, said Erik Normann, head of Uppsala's neonatal unit.

Influx of flu overflows hospital
(Health) It is now a day’s wait to obtain treatment in the emergency rooms of Karolinska University Hospital in Solna and Huddinge. The reason for the long wait is due to an increased number of individuals seeking treatment for the flu. With no end in sight, the hospital has called in staff from vacation and put together additional measures, but according to chief physician Elda Sparrelid, the measures might not be enough, reports Aftonbladet.

Christmas cards found in the forest
(Holiday) Hundreds of undelivered Christmas cards and letters were found in the forest of Småland, and many were so damaged by rain and winter elements that they are unidentifiable. The cards, discovered by a local hunter, lay scattered across the ground, apparently the result of a stolen PostNord Christmas box in Norrhult, Sweden.

Right-wing extremists increase social media presence
(National) Extremist movements in Sweden are on the increase and are spreading propaganda through new technology and social media platforms. According to Swedish Radio, one of the most active groups is known as Motgift, or Antidote, which publishes articles, podcasts, and even boosts an online shop and custom created Facebook-type of forum.