EU summit has long agenda
(World) EU political leaders are in Brussels this week for their annual December summit meeting. Governments are expected to discuss the situations in Aleppo, Syria, Turkey and Ukraine, refugees and Brexit. Because of terror attacks in France, Belgium and Germany, the EU is expected to take greater steps to increase security and counter-terrorism and as such will introduce a new system similar to the US ESTA system for air passengers.

Prime Minister reacts to Aleppo
(World) “We must get out of this hell,” said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven regarding the carnage in Aleppo. EU leaders are powerless and the frustration was obvious, reports SVT, when Löfven consulted Parliamentary EU Affairs ahead of the EU summit in Brussels on Dec. 15. According to Löfven, the EU must work to ensure evacuation from the worst combat areas and a political solution must be found. The EU accuses Syria and Russia for deliberately targeting civilians and hospitals, events that the Prime Minister points out are military action.

Public Health Agency advises caution
(National) If it’s not a cold or the flu, Swedes are dealing with a brutal attack of vinterkräksjukan (winter vomiting disease). The illness has struck will a vengeance this year affecting 275 of 454 pupils at a primary school in Borlänge and the Public Health Agency reports this is only a prelude. Yesterday the Global College in Stockholm was forced to close its doors to over 250 students and staff. The Public Health Agency is cautioning everyone to wash their hands often.

The official home of gender equality
(Culture) Sweden’s new Gender Equality Authority will be based in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. The new authority will work with the government to address gender inequality and will be a medium sized agency with approximately 75 to 90 employees. Operations are set to begin in 2018.