What do Swedes search for?
(Culture) What are Swedes most interested in? The top google search in Sweden this year was how to download Pokemon Go. Google Sweden also showed that more inquiries were made to the search engine from mobile phones than through computers or tablets. Top searches also included iPhone7, Brexit and Donald Trump.

No Russian pipeline storage in Sweden
(National) Gotland had been receptive to the idea of leasing the port of Slite to store pipes for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline but decided against it after a meeting on Dec. 13. After the meeting with local politicians and the Foreign Ministry, the decision was made to deny access to the port.

Afghan deportees not informed of new rules
(National) Eleven Afghan nationals were deported from Sweden on Dec. 12 without having been informed of Migrationsverket’s new and more generous rules concerning their asylum applications. The Swedish migration board reassessed the situation in Afghanistan just last week, and new guidelines have made it easier for those to remain in Sweden. Eight of the 11 deportees filed claims for impediments but their applications were rejected within hours.

Rabies found in southern Sweden
(National) Rabies specific antibodies were detected in 14 analyzed bats in Skåne and Småland indicating they were or have been recently infected by the virus. While the threat to the public is quite small, a bite from an infected animal can cause great concern. As a result, Sweden can no longer be classified as a rabies-free country, a distinction held since 1896.

Christmas cards for imprisoned journalist
(National) Sixteen prominent Swedish journalists and editors from all major media houses have sent Christmas cards to the imprisioned journalist Dawit Isaak. Isaak has been held in Eritrea since 2001. Promotors are journalist and author Kurdo Baksi and magazine chief editor Helena Giertta, who will send the cards to the Eritrean Embassy in Stockholm. Each card has a hand written message of hope. Other journalists of note include SVT’s CEO Hanna Stjärne, Swedish Radio’s Cilla Benkö, Expressen’s Chief Editor Thomas Mattson, Aftonbladet’s Sofia Olsson Olsén, DN’s Peter Wolodarski and ScD’s Fedric Karén.