Day 2 of snow chaos
(Stockholm) Snow chaos and traffic disruptions continued Thursday in Sweden’s capital city. Stockholm police were advising residents to leave their cars at home, or work from home, while many abandoned vehicles made it difficult for snow plows to clear passage and public transportation continued to have problems with bus routes and air traffic delays and cancellations. Trafikverket called the situation extreme. This was the worst November snowstorm in 111 years.

U.S. news populates Swedish headlines
(World) More headlines from the U.S. blaze across Sweden news media. Speculation on who will be in Trump's administration, and what his first 100 days will look like populate many Swedish newspaper, TV and radio websites. Photos and articles regarding a number of mass demonstrations in the U.S. also figure prominently.

Mental Illness widespread among refugees and new arrivals
(National) Depression, anxiety and PTSD is widespread among refugees arriving in Sweden, particularly those from Syria, reports the Red Cross in a new study. Every third new arrival suffers with symptoms from having experienced trauma in their home country. Thirty percent of those from Syria also say they had been subjected to torture. The study includes responses from 1,215 individuals from Syria and 173 asylum seekers from Syria, Eritrea or Somalia.

Border police ask community for help in turning in deportees
(Immigration) Several housing communities in Blekinge, on the south coast of Sweden, have received emails from Border Police requesting information regarding people who may be staying illegally in Sweden. The police are requesting reconnaissance in locating those who may have been denied asylum or residence permits and may be hiding with relatives or friends.

Swedish fashion model on list of worst dressed
(Fashion) Swedish fashion model and blogger, Kenza Zouiten, has been listed on the Daily Mail’s list of worst dressed at this weekend’s MTV European Music Awards ceremony. The 25-year-old model appeared in a dress by Balmain which was compared to a fringed curtain by one British critic. According to Zouiten’s blog, her dress also received a good deal of praise.