Stream of new refugees
(National) Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announces that Sweden must be prepared for a new stream of refugees — those coming from Mosul. Border control in Sweden will remain in place until November 11 and the government has not decided how to proceed after that but says with the fighting in Mosul an argument can be made to extend the conditions of border control. Löfven reiterates his earlier messages that Sweden can not return to the untenable situation of last year.

Swedish scientist may help solve American case
(Crime) Kirsty Spalding, a scientist at Karolinska Institute, believes she can help solve the case of Steven Avery, who has been in prison in Wisconsin for 10 years and is the subject of the popular Netflix series, Making a Murderer. Spalding, while watching the documentary, joked that she could probably solve the case using the methods she uses at her lab at work. Becoming increasingly interested in the work, she ended up contacting Avery's lawyer in the U.S. and is now officially on the case. She is currently waiting to find out if she will be allowed to analyze blood stains found at the crime scene.

Swedish music industry grows
(Entertainment) A new report from the Music Association of Sweden shows that the music industry continues to grow with increased revenue now reaching SEK 9 billion. The report notes that revenues in Sweden and abroad have increased by 40 percent between 2009 and 2015. However, despite the increasing streams of money, not everyone profits. The money often lands on only a few key players, said Linda Portnoff, president of Music Sweden.

Reindeer in training
(Culture) Ulrika Andreasson steps outside in all types of weather to train her animals. And with the holiday season coming soon, it is especially important that her two reindeer, Rudolf and Frost, get their marching practice. Andreasson and her clicker trained reindeer live in Åre and are experts in teaching clicker training to for instance dog owners who want to practice obedience, retrieving (not hunting reindeer!) and much more, without fighting, screaming and pulls on the leash. Their cooperation and work have led to a movie and plenty of Christmas time appearances. Together they train dogs with a click training method used with dolphins to reinforce positive behavior. "Dogs and reindeer, just like humans, perform best when they're safe and happy." Rudolf’s first speciality was the Spanish walk. For more info, see

Abba planning comeback show
(Entertainment) Abba fans rejoice! Abba could reunite again on stage, though not quite the way you would expect. Using the latest technology, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus are planning a comeback show — as a hologram. According to Aftonbladet, the show is still in the planning stages as Björn and Benny collect footage from Abba’s world tours in 1977 and 1979 to see if it is possible to create an entire holographic production.