New law forces migrants underground
(National) A new law which took effect in June 2016 has caused migrants to simply go into hiding rather than create the desired effect of getting them to leave Sweden. The removal of housing and benefits to those denied asylum was intended to reduce the number of immigrants receiving assistance illegally. Of the 3,200 individuals who have been refused benefits, 250 have left Sweden and 1,150 have disappeared.

Sweden prepares humanitarian help in Mosul
(National) The Iraq and U.S. led coalition to retake the city of Mosul has begun. Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström is calling for preparation for what happens after the retaking of the city from IS. She points out that while the Iraqi, French and American special forces had forewarned the civilian population about the attack, there will always be need for mechanisms to help with humanitarian needs.

Unusual birds flock to Sweden
(Environment) A large number of rare birds have arrived on the shores of Sweden due to unusual weather conditions and winds from Siberia. Bird watchers are in their glory. Öland is crowded with bird enthusiasts who have come to see a huge population of Siberian Accentor and azure tits. Magnus Hellström of the Öland Bird Observatory estimates that a thousand bird watchers have come to get a glimpse of the azure tit which was last spotted in Sweden 14 years ago.

Teacher crisis finds a solution
(Education) The general lack of teachers in Sweden has been an ongoing issue in the Swedish educational system, but now a new rapid training program is assisting those who wish to be assistants or substitute teachers. The program endeavors not to replace teachers in the classroom but to provide relief for them in making copies, scheduling appointments or providing support in the classroom. The teacher shortage is at odds with the billions of kronor which the government has invested on education for the upcoming years. According to the Teacher’s Union and the National Union of Teachers, there are not enough qualified teachers to satisfy the governments ambitions.

Flatbread Fair
(Culture) For the love of the Swedish flatbread "tunnbröd," the world’s only flatbread fair was celebrated in Åsele on Oct. 15. Visitors were inspired with tastings, side dishes and bake-offs as wood fired stone oven served up a variety of breads and condiments. Children were treated to theater and games. This year marks the second year of the trade fair which was organized for both indoor and outdoor exhibition cofounded by the Flatbread Academy, Tunnbrödsakademien. The academy earlier this year founded The Day of the Tunnbröd, which will be celebrated the second Saturday of May every year — with the first celebration on May 13, 2017. For more info, see