Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan
(World) The last of the Nobel Awards was announced on Oct. 13 — the award for literature was given to American musician Bob Dylan, who has been a favorite contender for years. Syrian poet Adunis and Kenyan author Ngugi Wa Thiong’o were among those speculated for the award. Laureates receive their awards on December 10 at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm.

EU tightens rule for glögg
(National) New EU rules have dictated that mulled wine can only contain flavored ingredients from grapes and herbs. As a result, this has made several popular brands of glögg — those containing whiskey and rum — no longer available for sale unless the name is changed. Alcohol content has to be a minimum 7 percent. Spirits made from sugar cane and grain can no longer be considered mulled wine. The new ruling will take effect in December, right before the popular Christmas drink goes on sale.

Clown terror comes to Sweden
(National) Reports coming from several parts of Sweden reveal that clown terror has hit the Nordic nation. Police in Västervik received an alarm that children had been intimidated and chased by clowns who later disappeared from the scene. In Linköping, police encountered a man in costume, and in Timrå two women were chased by clowns who jumped on their car and aggressively attempted to gain entrance. The worst event occurred on Oct. 12 when armed clowns threatened a woman at knifepoint in Östergötland.

Border control extensions wait on EU approval
(World) Denmark wants to extend border controls after the November 2016 deadline and wishes for Sweden, Germany and Austria to stand in unity. They are meeting in Luxembourg with EU Interior and justice ministers. Border controls were introduced one year ago in order to manage large numbers of asylum seekers and to ensure public order and internal security. The controls have already been extended several times since November 2015. Approval for new extensions must be granted by the EU.

Sweden sends assistance to Mediterranean
(World) Sweden is sending additional officials and police to Greece and Italy to assist in the reception of asylum seekers. Swedish personnel will be increased from eight persons to 21 and Migration Board staff will be increased from one to eight members. Distribution will be determined at the Oct. 13 meeting in Luxembourg.