Sweden the target of weekly IT attacks
(National) According to the Civil Contingencies Agency, Sweden is the target of approximately five attacks on information technology each week. The attacks, which the agency considers serious in nature, have closed down an authority's website or services, or misled or cheated users with false information. Since April, the Civil Contingencies Agency has been collecting information about such disruptions. To date, 131 cases have been reported, seven of which have police alerted.

High speed trains are the future
(National) A high speed rail network is coming soon to Sweden. Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö are major cities which have been mapped out for connection. It is hoped that the construction can be completed without raising taxes. Train cancellations and delays have been a matter of course over the last several months due to low maintenance and bad tracks.

Message in a bottle
(Culture) Fourteen years ago, 8-year-old Leonora Ek put a message in a bottle hoping to find pen pals. She threw the bottle containing the letter into the water at the beach of the island Koffsan in Lake Mälaren, south of Enköping. Now the bottle has been found at Korsgran — just a few kilometers from the original drop site; the find has resulted in a new Facebook friend for Ek. Ek's sister also tossed a message in a bottle 14 years ago, but her message has yet to be discovered.

Swedish soldiers exposed to suicide bomber
(National) While on a mission in Mali, Swedish soldiers were exposed to an attack by a suicide bomber on Oct. 10. No soldiers were harmed. The incident occurred while the patrol was on assignment in Timbuktu. An intelligence unit of Swedish troops is based at Camp Nobel, south Timbuktu, and has been on site since 2013 as part of a UN international effort.

The King slips a disc
(National) Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf has slipped a disc according to a press release from the court. He had been suffering the last week with pain in one shoulder — the result of a herniated disc. He will spend the rest of this week recovering and resting but is expected to resume light work thereafter. The royal couple has just ended a four-day visit in Germany.