Ericsson lays off 3000
(National) While explaining that 3,000 layoffs does not mean 'total closure,' CEO Jan Frykhammar announced significant reductions in jobs and staff for telecom giant Ericsson. Whether or not the bulk of these layoffs will take place at the Borås or Kumla facility has not been disclosed. In an interview with Swedish Radio, Frykhammar discussed on Oct. 4 that alternatives are being sought but this news has been released in order to dictate a major shift in technology. One in five employees will be dismissed. He stresses that negotiations with unions are not clear at this time. The company will help to reestablish those affected by the cutbacks.

Nobel Prize in Physics awarded
(Science) British scientists David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kostelitz have been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics. Their work concerns the exotic states of matter. The trio discovered unexpected behaviors of solid materials and created a mathematical framework (in the field of topology) to explain those strange behaviors. Half of the eight million kronor prize is awarded to Thouless, the other half is divided between Haldane and Kostelitz. All scientists work at universities in the United States.

Zara Larsson hopeful for artist awards
(Music) Swedish singing sensation Zara Larsson has twice the chance of winning an award at this year’s MTV Europe Music Award. The 18-year-old has been nominated for two categories: Best Newcomer and Best Swedish Artist. The event takes place on November 6, 2016. Winners are voted for by fans.

Wallström wants UN envoy for journalists
(National) Foreign Minister Margot Wallström supports an initiative by Reporters Without Borders in introducing a envoy for the United Nations for the safety of journalists. The proposal, which was signed by a number of publishers in June, will be put forward and operated by the Security Council. Hundreds of journalists have been killed, kidnapped or threatened in recent years, and this proposal is one way to keep the issue on the Security Council agenda.

Cinnamon bun day
(Culture) Oct. 4 marks the 17th annual celebration of the modest but delicious cinnamon bun in Sweden. Kaeth Gardestedt from Malmö is the creator of this special day and explains that Kanelbullens dag is about caring. "On October 4, you should greet your neighbors and friends and show that you care,” said Gardestedt. In Sweden, bakeries that normally sell 20 buns a day can see an increase of 2000 cinnamon buns sold on Kanelbullens dag.