New money introduced into circulation
(National) The second installment of new Swedish coins and bank notes are being introduced on Oct. 3. The one-, two- and five-crown coins, along with the new 100 kronor and 500 kronor bank notes will be added into circulation. Greta Garbo and Brigit Nilsson grace Sweden’s new paper money with Garbo depicted on the 100 kronor note and Nilsson shown on the 500 kronor note.

Prize in medicine kicks off Nobel Week
(Culture) The Nobel prize in Medicine and Physiology was announced on Oct. 3, officially kicking off Nobel Week. Japan’s Yoshinori Ohsumi wins the prize in medicine. The Nobel Prize for Physics will be announced on Tuesday and the prize for chemistry on Wednesday. The Nobel Peace Prize will be announced in Oslo on Friday. Upcoming announcements later in the month include the prize for economics on Oct. 10 and literature on Oct. 13.

Sweden strengthens psychological defense
(National) Sweden has joined the NATO Strategic Communications Center (Stratcom) as part of its efforts to combat disinformation which takes the form of negative and inaccurate propaganda spread via social media. Such disinformation attempts to influence political debates, public relations and opinion. Minister for Home Affairs Anders Ygeman wants to join with other countries to cooperate. The Swedish Contingencies Agency and the Security Service are two of the authorities involved.

Scientists gather for Rosetta’s end mission
(Science) The final event of the spacecraft Rosetta happened on Sept. 30 as it crash landed on its target comet 67P. Many contributions, from Swedish science and industry communities, added to the very successful 12-year space mission. Many from the scientific community gathered to view the live broadcast at Uppsala University. The spacecraft was deliberately crash-landed because it would soon be out of communication's reach. "It was a spectacular end to a fantastic mission that has made lots of progress scientifically,” said Gabriella Stenberg Wieser, scientist and researcher at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics.

Summer refuses to say good-bye
(National) Beautiful summer weather continues to delight everyone in Sweden. While evenings are crisp and chilly, the sunshine has prevailed right into October, providing brilliant blue skies and plentiful opportunity for outdoor activities. Eventually autumn will make its way south as the first snows hit the north country.