Supporting peace in Colombia
(National) The Swedish government wants to assist Colombia with the support of SEK 950 million over the next five years. Believing in what is considered a historic peace agreement, the Nordic nation wishes to help in the development of the Colombian justice system by building courthouses and supporting women’s roles in politics. The peace agreement between Colombia and FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, involved in armed conflict since 1964) will be signed on September 26 and is expected to be approved on October 2, 2016.

Sexual harassment increases on public transportation
(Gothenburg) Reports of sexual harassment and molestation are on the raise on public transportation in Gothenburg. Figures released by police show that so far this year 42 complaints have been received on trams, buses and bus stops. Thirty complaints were received last year. Västtrafik has four extra security guards working Gothenburg’s public transportation over weekends and video cameras are installed in attempt to provide safe environments.

Police presence on public transportation
(Gothenburg) Local police in the Greater Gothenburg area will begin to travel public transportation starting in October. Having interviewed 600 people in Sweden’s second city, assessments were made to find where people felt the most vulnerable. Based on those findings, additional surveillance is needed on trams, buses and bus stops. "It is obvious that when we are onboard nothing happens,” said Niklas Svensson, municipal police officer of greater Gothenburg.

H&M's August revenue lower than expected
(Business) Despite the 13 percent revenue increase expected by analysts, Sweden’s popular clothing brand H&M only topped 7 percent for the month of August compared to last year. H&M attributes this lower than expected revenue to the exceptionally warm weather experienced in the group’s markets.

Explosion at residence in Malmö
(Malmö) A massive blast shook the city of Malmö just before 1 a.m. on Sept. 15. It is unclear what caused the explosion which occurred in a garage of a residence in Valdemarsro. According to the initial police report, a family should have been at home but police are not commenting as to whether there is a threat to that family. A large area is cordoned off and police are knocking on doors to speak to witnesses.

Afghan women learn to bike ride
(Mölndal) In 2014 a bicycle class started in Mölndal to provide new arrivals the opportunity to learn to ride a bike. At that time, a handful of women expressed the desire to learn. Today, the interest in learning to ride a bike —a joy not experienced in Afghanistan — has grown tremendously. Outside the Språkcaféet, volunteers assist approximately 20 women in learning the joys of alternative transportation. In Afghanistan, the idea of a female riding a bike is seen as something very controversial and obscene, and could be punished by death. (Språkcaféet, the language café in Mölndal's city center is a meeting spot for Swedish speaking volunteers and people who want to practice Swedish or get help with their homework.)