Anna Ekström new minister
(National) Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced on Sept. 13 during the parliament opening statement that Anna Ekström will be the government minister for upper secondary school and adult education and training. Ekström took a 15-year break from party politics and replaces Aida Hadzialic who resigned in August after being caught for drunk driving.

Saab announces airline venture
(World) Saab and Boeing will join together in a proposed new Air Force training jet, according to an announcement in St. Louis, Missouri on Sept. 13. The T-X aircraft proposal is to replace the 55-year-old Northrup Grumman T38, used to train fighter pilots. This would be a multi-billion dollar order of at least 350 aircraft. A number of other interests are also vying for the order.

Sweden increases aid to Syria
(World) Sweden has announced that it will provide SEK 150 million in foreign aid to Syria. The money will be routed through the government development agency, Sida, to create jobs in the middle eastern country. In addition to providing humanitarian aid, Sweden has also promised to encourage long-term assistance directly within Syria. The money, it is hoped, will provide livelihoods for approximately 135,000 people in the war-torn country.

No ban on religious schools
(National) In response to the Liberal Party’s call to ban religious schools, Education Minister Gustav Fridolin announced that while the government seeks stricter regulations and inspections of religious schools, there will be no ban. According to current regulations, schools are not allowed to have religious education but extra curricular activities are allowed as long as they remain voluntary for students.

Parliament opens
(National) Every year, Sweden's parliamentary working year begins with a solemn ceremony on the third Tuesday of September, this year on Sept. 13. According to the constitution, the Swedish King is not allowed to express himself politically and this is the only time he addresses the assembled group of elected officials. This year he stated that support for the European Union should continue and was necessary. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced that his government’s third year in office will focus on jobs, education and climate change.