Police crisis in Gothenburg
(Göteborg) Peter Larsson, of the Gothenburg police, believes that resources to effectively fight crime is lacking in Sweden’s second largest city. A shortage of police manpower — an ongoing issue — has left the organization without full power to control escalating criminal activity. Politicians in the western region of the country believe the situation in Gothenburg is under control.

ISIS recruitment video spreads in Sweden
(National) A video which features several Swedish men is being circulated via social media and encouraging Swedes to join the militant group. The video received over 14,000 views within its first 36 hours and depicts the brutal methods in which IS executes its enemies. The film serves as a recruitment tool and a trailer for the group’s upcoming movie.

Castle for sale
(Real Estate) For SEK 43 million ($5 million) you can be the next owner of Hönsäter Castle, previously owned by King Magnus Eriksson. The castle sits at the base of a mountain in Kinnekulle near Lake Vänern in Västergötland, and features historic architecture, interior and exterior embellishments in the finest tradition of Swedish design. Library with fireplace from 1670, bar, open living rooms, modern baths and a grand estate.

Can immigrants better help each other?
(Culture) A new website and organization started by two immigrants is helping newcomers to Sweden learn the lay of the land. The Newbie Guide to Sweden helps immigrants (and anyone who wants to learn more about Sweden) understand how Swedish culture works, how to better integrate, find work and meet friends. www.thenewbieguide.se

ABBA grandchild gets golden ticket
(Culture) Charlie Grönvall, son of Swedish singer Nanne Grönvall and grandson of ABBA’s Benny Andersson, performed for Idol TV4 in Stockholm. While his name immediately received attention, his performance stood on its own. The young Grönvall received a “ja” from all members of the jury and he was awarded a golden ticket.