Euroskepticism builds for Swexit
A recent poll shows the number of Swedes who think Sweden should leave the EU is growing fast. Sifo asked 1142 Swedes ages 18 to 79 what they think about Sweden being a member of the EU, and the results were very similar to those in the UK, where an upcoming referendum on EU membership will be a close race — a trending concern referred to as “Brexit” (British exit). The results are similar in Sweden — which begs the parallel trend of “Swexit” (there are rumblings of a Czech “Czexit” and a French “Frexit,” too) — where only 39 percent is saying it's a good idea for Sweden to stay in the European Union, compared to 59 percent just six months ago. The huge fall in support is likely linked with concerns around the refugee crisis, which the EU isn’t uniting in policy over fast enough, despite Sweden’s repeated requests.

No more tours for Roxette
After 30 years, Swedish pop band Roxette has announced its touring days are over. Their 30th Anniversary Tour was supposed to go on the road June 3, but the famous duo is canceling after advice from Marie Fredriksson’s doctor. "It's been 30 great years! I feel only happiness and joy when I look back at all the gigs around the world during this long period of time,” said the singer in a press release. Fredriksson has been battling cancer and its complications since 2002, but she and Per Gessle plan to continue their long career together as Roxette without tours — their most recent release of the single "It just happens" on April 8; on June 3, their 10th album "Good Karma" will be available. Roxette's hits include Listen to Your Heart, Sleeping In My Car and It Must Have Been Love; they leave behind 557 live shows, 75 million albums sold, 51 singles released and four U.S. Billboard number ones, making them one of the world's most successful bands. More information about Fredriksson’s state of health isn’t available, but it appears Roxette will continue to sing together and there could be more albums in the future.

The King's sister writes a book
In time for the celebration of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday, his sister, Princess Christina, has written a book (with journalist Carl Otto Werkelid and photographer Ralf Turander) of historical events and personal memories in their beloved castle. Dagar på Drottningholm (Days at Drottningholm) is available in Swedish and with English subtitles at castle shops and online starting April 20. Princess Christina includes personal moments, unique royal stories that include time with grandfather Gustaf V, and clear references to all the strong women who put their mark on Drottningholm Palace. It is richly illustrated with new and historical photos, some never before published.