Sweden tops the charts in English
It is well known that northern Europeans have strong English skills compared to other non-native English speakers, and the 2015 English Proficiency Index, out this week, reveals that Sweden has the most excellent English speakers in Europe. According to the EPI, English is widely accepted as the primary international language, and it is increasingly defined as a basic skill required of every student in every education system. In continuing and professional education, where time and money are more carefully budgeted, adults learn English primarily for instrumental purposes ... and better English scores correlate with higher income and better quality of life. Better English scores also tend to be gotten by women — in nearly all 70 countries surveyed, women have stronger English skills than men. There is still room for progress, but Europe as a whole is well positioned to benefit from the connectivity and exchange that the common language facilitates. http://www.ef.se/epi/

Prince Daniel speaks out
In an interview on Nov. 3, Prince Daniel spoke for the first time on his decision to give up his life's dream — and to be a good prince. “As Prince, I should do good and serve Sweden — and the Swedish people.” Although his primary focus is now on the responsibilities that come with his royal role, he acknowledges his experiences in the health and fitness industry were valuable, and he hopes to inspire others in similar endeavors; in January he launched Prince Daniel's Fellowship to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs, and to support a number of companies through mentoring. In the interview, Prince Daniel spoke of his personal history, mentioning his kidney transplant six years ago, his devotion to his young family and his interest in the royalty’s “apolitical joint force for people of different opinions in different parts of society.” He mentioned the King’s tsunami speech as the best example of that in modern times. Finally, he gave his unique insight into what it's like for the country's future queen: “My main task is to be her support, especially in her next assignment as head of state. But she is happy I have found my own fields, so that we can make good on a broader front.”