Two proposals increase ages for free healthcare
All children with impaired vision, up to age 19, should get free glasses according to a proposal in the upcoming budget, scheduled to be presented September 21. Free glasses have only been offered to children under 8 years old in the past. The announcement comes following a deal with the Left Party, which estimates reaching some 150,000 children in need. The new rules are expected to be applied starting at the beginning of 2016. The age limit for free dental care will also increase — from 19 to 23 years. "It is very clear that class affects dental health. This is another step to expand Sweden's welfare. It is very good for all young people in Sweden," said Ulla Andersson, the Left Party's economic policy spokesperson. This increase will take place in two stages: In 2017 it will be raised to age 21, in 2018 to age 23.

Another Swedish video game success story
Swedish web-based comedian and producer known by his online alias PewDiePie, is now an international phenom: He holds the unprecedented distinction of having more than 10 billion views of his videos. Since August 2013, Felix Kjellberg, 25, of Gothenburg, Sweden, has had the most subscribed to channel on YouTube for his Let’s Play commentaries — described as humorous, energetic and obnoxious but genuine and unfiltered — on the video games he plays; on September 6, 2015 he made history with reaching more views than anyone in the world. Kjellberg started his channel when he was an industrial engineering student at Chalmers University of Technology, and he worked in a hot dog stand to support himself. He dropped out of school to expand his business and is now a multimillionaire.

Big Mac fashion in Sweden
As McDonald's works to improve its image in the Nordic countries, the American-based company has concentrated on initiatives in Sweden during 2015. In March, McDonald’s launched a line of clothing, linens and accessories (including rubber boots and a dog jacket) that benefited McDonald’s Ski Initiative in Sweden. Bedding and wallpaper (yes, wallpaper) sales benefited the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund. And starting this week, Big Mac loving Swedes can reserve seating for up to four people at a nearby McDonald's using the popular website Staffan Ekstam of McDonald's Sweden explained the Scandinavian branch of the firm had a good partner in the Swedish population to test the strategy ahead of other countries to see if there is demand for it.

Swede wins prize for moose sensor innovation
A Swedish man has won a Guldälgen ("Golden Moose" or "Golden Elk") award for inventing a motion sensor system that could potentially reduce the number of wildlife accidents on rural roads. Winner Benjamin Eliasson of Stockholm has developed a sensor system to be hung on trees and poles near roads in unfenced areas where moose and other large animals live and graze. The sensors detect movement of the nearby animals and send a signal to the roadside poles, prompting a light to flash and alert drivers to proceed with caution. The innovation prize was awarded September 8 by Älgskadefondsföreningen, a non-profit organization working to reduce road accidents with animals. In 2015 alone there have been 27,000 incidents of these large animals colliding or near collisions with cars in Sweden. An average moose weighs half a ton, so hitting one is no small matter, often fatal to both car driver and moose. For more info, see or